June 20

For an AI Act promoting responsible AI Innovation in Europe


France Digitale allies with European startup and AI associations to indicate the concrete measures that will enable responsible AI innovation in the EU.

The Artificial Intelligence Act, presented by the European Commission in April 2021, was adopted by the European Parliament on June 14th 2023. Its potential to become a landmark legislation not only in Europe but in the world implies great responsibility. Given the swift rise of certain AI systems, this legislation needs to ensure its continued relevance in the years to come, striking the right balance between protecting users and preserving the capacity of startups to innovate and compete globally.

In this context, European startup and AI associations welcome the progress made in the consideration of startups and SMEs. In view of the upcoming interinstitutional negotiations, we take the opportunity to remind policymakers the key elements that should be included in the AI Act to sustain responsible AI innovation in the EU.