28 septembre 2022

Talent Awards

Every scaling story starts with an amazing team. The Talent Awards put in the spotlight teams that bring value to our society through impactful actions in France and beyond borders.

What’s the Talent Awards ?

The Talent Awards is a unique ceremony where France Digitale and Les Echos rewards teams behind the best scaling stories in France and beyond borders every year. An event where we put in the spotlight teams that brind value to our society through impactful actions. Does Ecovadis, EcoTree, Blablacar, Malt, Criteo, Ornikar, Spareka, OpenClassrooms ring a bell? They were 2021 winners!


Being a Talent Award winner means getting:

1. Recognition for your team’s hard work

2. Visibility inside the startup ecosystem and also outside the ecosystem!

3. Coverage for your beautiful story


The 2022 Talent Awards categories

Who can apply to the Talent Awards ?

Good to know: it’s free to apply to the Talent Awards. You don’t need a France Digitale membership.

To apply to the Talent Awards, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You need to be a French startup or scale-up (with the exception of the Welcome to France award, for European scale-ups), not founded more than 15 years ago,
  • You are independent (no exit),
  • You have more than 25 people in the team (permanent positions),
  • You have an ARR > 5M€ and >25 (B2B users or 50k B2C users),
  • If you have won any category in the past 2 years, it is not possible to win this year.

We had to put some criteria to mesure the maturity of the scaling stories. However, if your story is too good to be put aside and your numbers don’t exactly match these, your application will still be considered.

Stay tuned to apply mid 2023!

Want to know 4 secrets to win over the jury ?

  • “No bullshit” policy: we’re looking for concrete actions more than beautiful marketing.
  • We’ll reward actions which bring real value or have a direct impact on the users / society.
  • Great employee experience and job creation are an important aspect of our winners’s story.
  • Companies coming from all France and not only the Parisian area are welcome to apply.

But, at the end, it’s all about beautiful stories and we can’t wait to read yours!

The 2022 Winners !

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